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Dear Members and Colleagues,

On behalf of the ENFSI Forensic Archaeology Subgroup we are pleased to announce that the 11th edition of the European Meeting on Forensic Archaeology will be held in the city of Madrid, Spain, on the 28th-29th September2023. The meeting will be co-organized by the Section of Anthropology and Forensic Odontology of the Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences of Madrid, and by the Area of Forensic Anthropology of the Criminalistic Service of the National Institute of Toxicology and Forensic Sciences.

As in previous editions, this scientific meeting seeks to bring together practitioners as well as researchers, academics and students from scientific institutions and universities across Europe and beyond working in the fields of Forensic Archaeology and other related forensic disciplines (Forensic Anthropology, Geophysics, Human Taphonomy, Forensic Ecology, Crime Scene Investigation, Heritage Crime).

Aware of the technical advances that the study of the scene of crime has experienced in recent years, and the increasing demands from the courts and from society itself, this forum seeks to be a reference in recent methodological developments, current knowledge, discussion of cases and protocols, as well as the presentation of research projects in the area of Forensic Archaeology and related sciences.

From the Organizing Committee we have worked to be able to offer this year’s edition as a hybrid – both face to face and online, thus facilitating the monitoring of the scientific sessions of the meeting by those participants who cannot travel to Madrid on the dates indicated. It should also be noted that, in addition to the traditional sessions of oral communications and posters, scientific photography and documentation has been included as a new theme.

We look forward to welcoming you to Madrid, sharing with all of you our enormous enthusiasm with which we host this event and wishing to see you all very soon in Madrid.

We are looking forward to meeting you all,

          Organizing Committee 11th EMFA 2023

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